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Agenda Amendments
  1. As a member of the Selectboard Mike would pursue a policy that all boards and public bodies in town be required to post the minutes of every meeting to the town website within a week from the formal approval of the minutes. The Open Meeting Law does not require minutes to be available in such manner – even if the town were to adopt the its website as the official posting. This policy would go beyond the requirements of Open Meeting Law and promote a more transparent process. 
  2. Providing access to the discussions directly and timely is the responsibility of town leadership. It is the only way that we can continue to build a Wilbraham that allows everyone to work together and provide effective oversight.
  1. Another policy that Mike would support is to end the practice of  amending publicly posted agendas within 48 hours of the meeting; a proposal which is consistent with the Open Meeting Law.
  2. As published in the Open Meeting Law Guide from 2018, it is not recommended that any discussion or action be taken on topics not posted with 48 hours notice. Certainly, Mike understands there are times when such action is necessary, but it should not be a regular and consistent practice – as seems to be the case for Wilbraham’s Selectboard.

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